Archive Favorites

1. Fried Eggs with Ham and Spicy Wild Oregano

2. Pork Carnitas -what is there to say…?

3. Rigatoni with Roast Chicken, Walnuts, and Scallions

4. Orzo with Yellowfin, Fresh Corn, and Cilantro

5. Classic Minestrone with Broken Pasta, Beans, finished with Parm, extra   virgin olive oil, and sea salt

6. Marinated White Beans and Tuna with red onion and a good hunk of Bread

7. Apple Crostatas with Goat Cheese and a glass of Shiraz

8. Chilaquiles. Fried Tortillas. Chile Sauce. Cotija. Eggs. Cilantro. Delicious.

9. Pasta with Lentils; wine, garlic, carrots, stock…basil and Parm. Heaven.

10. A nice Antipasti of Mixed Olives and Bruschetta with Feta and Herbs

11. A puff Tart with Caramelized Onions and fresh Tomato

12. Fettucine with Anchovies, Roast Broccoli, and Lemon


2 responses to “Archive Favorites”

  1. Orchid says :

    Wow. Every single one of these dishes looks delicious! My mouth is watering! Beautiful photos.

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