Fall Birthday Buns

For my sweetie….a memory of Cerrillos, New Mexico.

Not much of a recipe however-more of a technique. Puff pastry and chopped lovely things inside. A little spice, a little butter, some love….an all around wonderful birthday morning treat! Has to be said that we both thought of the holidays with this and old family memories of mincemeat pies. It has that spicy-nutty-dried fruit thing goin on…at least mine did. The beauty is you can add anything you like, pop it in the oven and really in 20 minutes or after the coffee’s brewed you’re in…

Roll out one thawed sheet of puff pastry dough on a floured board and brush with melted butter/Mix together chopped pecans, dashes of cinnamon and grated nutmeg, chopped turkish apricots, raisons, brown sugar, and lumps of cold butter and cover dough with/ Roll up jelly roll style and cut into 6 equal portions and place into tins filled with wax paper cups- a bit of chopped pecans, knobs of butter and a bit of brown sugar in the bottoms/Bake at 400 for roughly 20 minutes


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