Braised Pork Chops with Mustard and Cabbage

Coat 2 fat butterflied pork chops in seasoned flour + fry in a mixture of butter and extra virgin olive oil until browned and crisp, remove to a platter/Add 1 large chopped shallot to pan with a bit more olive oil if needed, season with salt/Add 2 large chopped cloves of garlic/Tumble in 1/2 a medium thinly sliced cabbage and toss to coat/In a few minutes time when it’s all nice and wilty, add in 2 nice dollops of Dijon, 2 fresh bay leaves, and about a cup of the wine you are drinking + deglaze/add in 2 cups or so of good chicken stock (or a nice turkey stock from last week if you’ve got that knockin about) and bring to a good bubble/Add chops back in and lid on, simmer until pork is just about falling apart/adjust seasoning with s+p, vinegar+mustard, chopped fresh dill to serve+a lovely glass of something Alsatian…Reisling or Gewürztraminer is perfect, or go with a Cotes du Rhone… Heaven, on a -cold to the bones- late November eve.


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