Tamari and Chili Roast Pork with Braised Napa Cabbage

More on the rice theme…or more to the point-the Pork (it seems) with rice theme.

Marinate a pork loin in a mess of chopped chilies, a splash of tamari, chopped garlic, smashed ginger, a bit of sugar, and this mornings coffee for at least a few hours/ Remove an hour before roasting and sear in hot fat until beautifully browned on all sides/ Add in some sliced onion, saute and add in marinade/ Toss in a hot oven and cook until it’s done to your liking (1 hour and a half or thereabouts for me) it’s nice to pull out and glaze with the juices every now and then as well… / Meantime-saute sliced Napa cabbage +  sliced red onion with a fresh bay leaf until soft and yielding/ Splash in some good stock-I had pork stock so…there’s that- simmer until lovely/ Chopped cilantro, lime spritz to finish, set aside/ Fix a pot of jasmine or basmati rice with fried garlic and butter/  Remove pork and let rest/ Plate up rice, cabbage, thickly sliced pork and it’s glaze-cilantro, lime, and chopped chilies to garnish/ This one deserves a cold, cold beer-Old Man Winter be damned…

p.s.This is the pork to have around when you need a Banh Mi…


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