Smoky White Bean and Cod Stew

I was in the mood for smoky, red, hearty stew to warm the bones….AND just found a long ago friend who’ve I missed for ages and she lives in Spain…(Hi Jane!) so I was thinking red, smoky, and hearty thoughts.

Saute half a chopped onion and enormous amounts of chopped garlic, (or 6 cloves) in hot olive oil/ add 3 chopped carrots and season with salt and pepper/ halved red potatoes went in next, toss and cover with the fat in the pan/roasted tomatoes, chipolte peppers and the beautiful adobo sauce next (as much as you can handle)/ to this add in crushed tomatoes, about 2 cups and some nice stock/ stew for a spell/ add white beans, roughly 2 cups, stew again…before adding fresh cod in chunks, simmer until done…garnish with chopped Italian Parsley and lemon wedges, and a drizzle of olive oil, beer/cold rose and crunchy bread  to accompany… Ole! And- it’s soo lovely to revisit old mates…!

P. S. It’s occurred to me that this would be really lovely baked in a Le Crueset pan in the oven, not unlike an American Baked Bean or a French Cassoulet, and really you could sub out the fish for ham for the baked bean, and duck, sausages etc for a relatively quick Cassoulet. Enjoy!


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