Roasted Cod with Garlic Compound Butter

Is there more that needs to be said? This is simplicity itself. It doesn’t need any more jazz than it’s got, no whistles, no bells…. though don’t imagine it skimps on flavor or soul.

Compound butter…take a soft stick and mash with what’s on hand- I had and used; 4 cloves of garlic smashed to a paste with some sea salt, fresh ground pepper, Japanese seasoning in one of those really cute little jars (includes sesame seeds and orange rind), a handful of finely chopped Italian parsley,  the zest of half a large lemon and a few white ends of scallions, slivered and smashed to a pulp. To the fridge it went, rolled, in its wax paper blanket for a chill.

Steam roast a few fat red potatoes, sliced thickly, with another 4 cloves of garlic and salt and pepper with a healthy amount of extra virgin olive oil at 400 degrees covered in foil. These go kind of sticky and softly roasted, really a potato lovers dream…

Pan fry cod in 2 chunks (for 2 folks) in hot fat and finish off in oven in 2 gratin dishes, set with compound butter as well as on top of seared fish.

It’s not fancy, it’s not a revelation, it is simply a pleasure to eat. Serve with Rose, (I know, it’s what I’m into lately….) or a nice cold Beer, sliced lemon, a hunk or slice of delicious bread and a quick Mizuna Salad with really mustardy vinaigrette.


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