Roast Pork Loin with Creamy Mustard Pan Sauce and Poached Celery

This isn’t another post about Roast Pork, actually. Shocking, but true. I happened upon 86 pounds of celery, somehow. (a slight exaggeration, but just ever so) People never know what to do with celery. It seems so old-fashioned, or reserved for a mirepoix or soffritto and for basically poking your eye out in an otherwise decent Bloody Mary.  Ahem. Not so folks. There is actually loads to do with celery. Braising it. Shaving it. Or as the star of the show in a creamy gratin with lots of shallots, wine, and bread crumbs. And of course, it is all important in say, a Matzah Ball Soup….

When I came upon a poached celery recipe I thought yes, this, I need to try. It helped that after it’s poached, it’s then tossed into some butter, olive oil and white wine.

AND, served with Pork. (well, that’s my bit, truthfully)

Take roughly 8 or so peeled celery ribs, as much from the heart as you can get, and cut them into fat index finger length, and set them into a pot covered, just, with cold water and a bit of olive oil and bring to a boil and let simmer on low, let them go about 15-20 minutes, drain and set aside. Bring a few knobs of butter and olive oil to a frothy state and add celery, then a toss of white wine, and season. Let simmer until flavors marry. Serve with a roasted pork loin and creamy mustard pan sauce…(post coming soon) This one calls for a cold white or Rose! Enjoy!


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