Yogurt, Chili, and Green Pea Fritatta

A riff on Francis Mallmann’s Fritatta with Yogurt, Mint and Green Peas

This is wholly delicious. The yogurt makes the eggs so tender, almost quiche like. They actually sort of quiver while you fork into them. Sublime. I happened to have most of what he used for his, save the mint, I used Italian parsley, which was beautiful and tasty. With black coffee on a lazy, late Sunday morning. I’m not sure I’ll ever cook eggs without yogurt now. I’m ruined.

4 eggs, whipped in a large bowl, with a fat dollop of yogurt, somewhere around 2 tablespoons,  fresh chopped Italian parsley, and s+p

Saute a 1/4 of a sliced onion and green peas in hot extra olive oil and some salt. Add a fat knob of butter and let sizzle before adding eggs in.  Swirl and coat bottom, pushing eggs around the pan, lid it and simmer on low until eggs are set to your liking. Add more chopped parsley,  minced Thai chilies, and serve with coffee and tortillas.



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