Spring Days

Reading Giving Good Weight,  by John McPhee—I suggest you get out and find it immediately, of course I could be the last person on earth not to have read it…but if you are late to the game as I am please, please, read these essays. Magical- to say the very least. The first and the last essay in the book are absolute food genius. At once hilarious, incredibly insightful, uproarious, educational, historical, brilliant. Truly. Get it now, if not sooner.

Besides this, Seattle is resplendent with flowers….the actual air smells of them. The sky has been beautiful. It’s been one of those seasons full of stormy skies meets the brilliant sun and back and forth all day so you feel like you’ve been in several climates…I have come to think the sunlight is extra gorgeous here in the Pacific Northwest. It’s very shiny.  (maybe the moisture n the air?) All the green from the trees get lit up and it’s dazzling. Really, really loving Spring this year.



2 responses to “Spring Days”

  1. Mina says :

    !!! so happy to hear (read) that you’re loving Giving Good Weight. One of my recent favorite reads. I, too, felt like i picked it up later than everyone but hey, better late, right?

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