PNW Pork Chops- an update

What I love most about living in Seattle is how verdant it is all year round. I’ll say, as I have to friends and family, this is the greenest place I’ve ever lived.The most flora perhaps I’ve seen anywhere…I guess this shouldn’t actually surprise given the amount of precipitation….(though notice how I used the word precipitation and not rain) Anyhow, yes, it is fecund here. It is verdant, it smells like flowers, there is a really lovely moisture in the air, the trees are magnificent, and you needn’t just drive to The Hoh rain forest to see them, (though you should) they are everywhere and old, and enormous…and really beautiful.

I guess what does surprise me is the amount of rosemary and lavender that thrive here. Thrive is an understatement actually. Every corner turned in my neighborhood runs you smack into a giant, craggy, old, old rosemary bush, normally lavender, as big, sits as it’s natural partner…and truly great to me, as I really thought I was saying Au revoir to rosemary and lavender when I left (almost constant sun-filled) New Mexico. Not the case, I report-happily. It is extremely easy and even expected (I think) to pick some on your way back from the market.

So I’ll let this long winded post go now and give you Lavender and Rosemary Pork Chops and hopefully you’ll love them as much as I do.

Set 2 thick pork rib loin chops (bone intact) into a roasting tin and massage with extra virgin olive oil, chopped rosemary, lavender, and s+p. Roast until almost there (about 1/2 hr) and hit the pan with some chicken stock to bring up the fond while basting the pork with the juices, chuck in some whole garlic cloves and cover with tin foil and braise until almost falling of bone.  Served with French Lentils and a mustard-y salad this is my idea of heaven….

P.S. Me, Picasa, and WordPress are struggling to get along these days;  and I am finding my way through the limitations of them all. Can you bear with me as I post and re-post photos when they just won’t work?



2 responses to “PNW Pork Chops- an update”

  1. jane1234 says :

    you had me at fecund… 🙂

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