Hey there!

I’m giving the ol blog a rest for a little while and focusing more on the photography side of things, and less on recipe writing, or writing in general. (maybe you’ve noticed) It seems what I have a love for, a desire for and time for…that ever changing dance of what makes one happy, what one has energy for, etc etc has shifted for me, somewhat. I love cooking +  taking food photographs, these are never a chore, and is something I love to do every day, so that’s what I am condensing to solely for now. Food writing and recipe writing….eh, not always, my bag.

There’s always the chance this will change and so Lechow will stay put, (and I’m sure I will post recipes from time to time!) There is a cherry clafoutis in our immediate future….

I’ll will be posting my food photographs here at Posterous.

Please visit and bookmark! I’ll be posting daily.



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