I left my heart…

you know where!

And in honor of that I am making Al Pastor for the very tacos I crave like a mad-woman.

Roast Pork loin rubbed in a mess of crushed red chilies of your choosing, on top a bed of thickly sliced red onion and rough chunks of pineapple.

Roast for about an hour, turning pork over half way through and adding some stock to release the caramelized bits from the bottom of the roasting tin. Added as well are splashes of red wine vinegar and a good drizzle of olive oil and squeezes of fresh lime are essential…The juices of this pork traditionally run down the length of your sleeve in a glorious mess…which is exactly what you want- all the better for the tortilla to soak up.

Let pork rest and then chop with the onions and pineapple.  Adjust seasoning. Squeeze lime over, strew chopped cilantro.

Crank up the Mexican music and serve with hot corn tortillas, chopped onions, fresh lime, and cilantro.

Viva San Francisco…..and lots of love to my good buds who still get to eat the real thing at the classic spit roast filled Taquerias!



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