Posole….oh oh oh oh

This is one of those dishes that just makes me sigh with happiness. To be sure- it’s a fat winter dish that really chases any chills you’ve got a long, long way away. And to be sure it’s not winter yet here in New Mexico, but we’ve seemed to have brought a storm with us from Seattle so it’s time to tuck in and be cozy, at least for a few days.


Soak one bag (or 2-3 cups) or dried Posole in water overnight or at least 5 hours. Rinse and cover with water at least double the amount of the hominy. (loads of liquid is added along the way as it soaks up)

Add in a few crushed cloves of garlic, a palm full of salt, and a few whole chilies. Boil lightly for a few hours.

Meanwhile sear a chunk of pork in hot fat coated in some lovely spices, cinnamon, chile, cumin, coriander,  etc and let rest before adding, in chunks, to the pot of Posole.  (it will fall apart and become tender and beautiful and give all it’s lovely fat and juice to the broth)

Release all of the brown bits from the pork pan with a bit of chicken stock and crushed tomato and add to the Posole pot.

(Remember to add stock or water as liquid gets absorbed by the hominy)

Simmer until hominy bursts open. Adjust seasoning.

This is traditionally served on the side of enchiladas, tacos, or any number of New Mexican dishes along with Sopapillas and honey.

I say-served as a stew-steaming in the bowl with the chunks of melting pork is a fab all night, one course on it’s own as is.

Tuck in whenever you want and go back often. Hot buttered tortillas to accompany.



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