Sausage and Potatoes

Are there 2 words that conjure Fall more than these? I suppose Sausage and Cabbages would do it. But this is potato specific territory we are in today…at least for me. It’s a craving that won’t be ignored.

And, one pot meals….how Fall is that? Simmering away in it’s crock, or in the oven….your house perfumed with the scent of sausage. Yes. This is humble food—and standout ingredients are the thing that make it such a beauty. Good sausage, good potatoes, good stock, good mustard….fresh herbs and you’re there.

Sear 4 fresh sausages (of any kind) in hot fat and set aside when browned all over. Add to the pot a thickly sliced shallot and a few garlic cloves, crushed, saute until lightly golden. Toss sausages back in along with a few fresh bay leaves, same for sage leaves, and 4-5 yukon gold potatoes cut into thick-ish wedges.  Cover with chicken stock, a fat dollop of dijon, a splash of whatever you’re drinking and a lid and bring to a light boil. Simmer, on low, lidded, for about 40 minutes or until your potatoes are cooked through. If cooking on stove top, as I have here, take lid off in the last 15-20 minutes of cooking to reduce the liquid. A splash of cream at the end surely won’t hurt! Adjust seasonings, crack pepper over, add salt. Chopped dill over.

Serve with hunks of good bread, mustard, and a spicy mixed green salad.
Beer, yes. Riesling, yes. Cotes du Rhone, yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.
Simple and complex. To the point. Heaven.


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