Pork with Green Chilies

Pork Braised with New Mexico Green Chile

Sear cubed pork loin in hot fat and season. Meanwhile blitz about 8-10 roasted green chilies in a processor after removing charred skins. (I don’t bother removing the seeds) add garlic, salt, cilantro, a bit of cumin. You can add a bit of lime here too but not too much- you want to retain that charred, smoky chile flavor. Remove pork when browned + add to the pan one whole chopped onion and a few bits of whole garlic and saute. Deglaze the pan with chicken stock and add the ground green chilies. Pork back in and simmer covered until melting.

Serve on warm tortillas with fresh chopped onion.

(you might want to sub a mix of fire roasted Anaheims and Poblanos for the New Mexico green chile if you can’t get your hands on the real thing)



4 responses to “Pork with Green Chilies”

  1. Jane Green says :

    you are killing me! 🙂

  2. Mina says :

    made this according to your instructions and was so sooo pleased. Thanks 🙂

    • lechow says :

      oh gee….I am honored and so happy it turned out to your liking —I feel sort of terrible with recipes and am so the winging it type! I always imagine mayhem with my “recipes”…;)


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