Welcome to my food diary. I am a food obsessed gal currently living in Seattle, Santa Fe, New Mexico. My loves are many and varied. My last meal wish may be a warm bowl of polenta with butter and extra virgin olive oil… or a beautiful ragu of pork-melting in a rich tomatoey wine soaked stock…or a plate of salami and a good hunk of bread a very dry bottle of rose with either, or a gluttonous amount of Al Pastor pork tacos with freezing cold Negro Modelo at hand.

This is a photographic diary of what I cook at home. My posts will contain random meals, everything from starters to dinners, breakfast to antipasti. I love gutsy, hearty, lusty, bursting with flavor, lovely, rustic food. Peasant food. Street food. Grandma food….Comfort food. Duck Confit.  Braised white beans, with rosemary and that gorgeous finish of a really nice olive oil. A long braised pork simmering away in it’s crock in the oven-wine on the table, and in hand. Salumi. A beautiful 7 hour long Bolognese, with 4 or 5 different kinds of meat. Olives. French lentils.  Any sort of tacos….simple ones with just a few ingredients topping the complex stuffing of meat. Tortilla Espanola. Mustard braised Pork Chops. East coast style Crab Cakes. Fried Rice. New Mexico Green Chile on anything (a cheeseburger comes to mind) A rustic olive oil citrus cake. Salsa Verde. Roasted Chicken. A killer Philly Cheesesteak. Smoked whitefish on bagels. Dumplings, anywhere, any kind. Spicy Mustards. Braised bitter greens with bacon. Country terrines and pates. Meatballs. Chile Verde with fresh corn tortillas. Pizza…thin, crispy, bubbly, simple, East coast style. Breakfast Burritos. Duck fat roasted potatoes. Spaetzle. Fish and Chips. A Cubano Sandwich. French Sausages. Um, most sausages…and eggs, eggs, eggs… and my Aunt Lo’s Baked Macaroni. Oh and did I mention Pork…?

Have fun and Mangia!

You can see my portfolio here;


When I am not cooking or eating I am selling my artwork here;

Beeline Studio


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